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Ready for the Way to Text?

Introducing Vamonos! A smartphone application.

Vamonos! New Message Page

Revolutionary Texting

Vamonos! incorporates new smartphone technology that allows users to send location-based text messages and emails with minimal battery use. Using our app, you'll be able to automatically text and email your contacts when you enter, leave, or stay in a selected location.

Vamonos! Routines Page

Schedule Routines

By setting up "routines", Vamonos! will be able to automatically text and email your contacts location-based messages at the same time, every day. This way, you can send location-based messages all without ever taking your phone out of your pocket!

Vamonos! Late Alert Page

Send LateAlerts™

Use Vamonos! to let people know you'll be running late. Our app will automatically text your contacts if you stay at your current location passed a certain time, or if you haven't arrived somewhere on time.

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